Previous Birth Experience “Reduxes”

Sometimes our previous births don’t go the way that we hoped. Sometimes they go so far out of our experience that we still haven’t grasped, weeks, months, or even years later, exactly what and why it all happened the way it did.

Sometimes it helps to talk, and talk to someone that knows birth, knows what happens and why, is trained to listen and reflect your words and feelings back. To say that it’s normal to feel that way even years later, and that you’re normal to fall asleep thinking about it, to not be able to put it out of your head, and that you can’t “just get over it”. You need to work on getting past it.

Over a couple hours of tea and comfort we go back to what happened, you always leading the way, and able to stop at any time. We discuss what might have been the reasons things happened, and when we can even imagine them I simply help you hold on to the emotional of it.

We also try to build some things that might help move you forward, brain chemistry and emotional supports, and I can also plan and assist you with helpful cognitive calming techniques, and experiences you may have missed or planned for that we can return to.

I am not a licensed therapist, or a medical practitioner – I help you through this as an experienced doula and peer counsellor. If you need more resources, I keep a long list of cost and no-cost trained professionals, and free support groups that take my referrals very seriously.

If you’re still struggling, know that it’s real, that there’s thing you can do, and that I’m here to help.

  • Initial phone and email consults are always free.
  • In-person services generally start at $30 an hour, however financial situations are always taken into account!