About Us

Every new mom, whether having her first or her seventh child, is a new mother during pregnancy, labour and birth, and in those early days after birth, and needs the support and help of many hands. A mother must mother her baby, and her community must mother her. I help share the load so that each mother can focus on what’s important – being there for her child.

A beautiful home birthI am a trained labour, birth, and postpartum doula, experienced mother of four, and am also a certified breastfeeding support person and fertility awareness counsellor. I have done advance training through various childbirth organizations over the last 10 years, and am currently completing an additional 4-fold certification (just for the refresher fun!) through Child Birth International as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Childbirth Educator. I also volunteer as a breastfeeding counsellor and NFP counsellor.

I hold an undergrad degree, (and am completing my Master’s as well) in English Rhetoric and Technical Communications from the University of Waterloo, with a minor in Computer Science, an option in Cognitive Science (with a specialty in sleep), and a focus on Sexuality, Marriage and Family.

I am a non-smoker, am free from all perfumes and pet allergens. I am sensitive to physical and medical needs, dietary limitation and preferences, and emotional traumas, and stressors. I never interfere with your birth choices, but instead help you to make those choices with the most knowledge and support available to you.

I believe in the support that a doula provides. My philosophy is simple – I am here to support you no matter how you choose to birth. I will help provide the physical, emotional, and informational support you need to have the birth experience you are looking for. I will support your decisions whether you have a medicated or unmedicated birth. This is your body, your baby, and your birth! I do not take the place of your partner; I support the whole family together.