Overactive Letdown

Does your baby struggle with your milk? Ever choke, gulp, gag, spit up, have green poo? Ever arch back from the breast? Ever want to nurse but only nurse for 5-10 mins? Have a “lazy” latch? Always congested?


Has your babe been “diagnosed” with colic? Allergies to food in your breastmilk? Reflux? Have a baby that is “gaining too much” but seems to struggle to stay at the breast?

All of these other problems really exist, but not nearly as often as an underlying breastfeeding problem that is misunderstood.  Called Overactive Letdown, or Overabundant Milk, Forceful Milk Ejection Reflex or, (my least favourite term), HindMilk Foremilk imbalance. (The funnyshapedwoman blog does a great job of exploding the myth of Foremilk.)

Of course it’s not always OALD but in my almost decade of breastfeeding counselling, it is more often overabundancy than all the other things we (or Dr Google) jump to first. The rate of allergies in children is about 5%. The rate of overactive milk in mothers over the 10,000 hours of counselling I’ve done feels closer to 25-30%. So what’s more likely?  Why are we fiddling with the engines of our child, before we make sure the tank isn’t out of gas! (or has too much 😉 )

For more information read my website Overactiveletdown.com And if you’re babe has any of these concerns, come and have them teased out in an in-person consultation. I do initial phone consults for free just to try to figure out if this or something else is the concerns and teach you more about what you can do!