Birth Pool Rental

Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool

I rent a professional level pool available to all birthing mothers, whether you’re clients or not.

The Aquaborn Professional pool is the highest specification pool available and is ideal for anyone considering a home or hospital water birth. Aquaborn birth pools are fully portable, come with heat retaining lids, they can be used for more than one birth, they come with eco liners and they are fully recycleable. All of the Aquaborn pools are made from durable PVC containing no phthalates, lead or cadmium. The heat retaining lids keep the water hotter for longer and its ergonomic design improves manoeuvrability around the pool and better midwife access.”

“Each Aquaborn birth pool has the unique anti slip white floor and boasts an internal depth of 68cm making these the deepest, greenest and strongest inflatable birth pools.” –

Pool Rental Details

Our Pool kit is hospital-quality sanitized between uses, and is fully tested between each set up. We provide pool, inner liner, inflation pump, floating drainage pump, outer cover, and lid.

A kit of additional disposable items for your use can be purchased from me, or I can help you find and purchase them yourself.

We rent this pool inexpensively in order to make it accessible for water labours even if you don’t plan to have a water birth, or plan on transferring to the hospital for the birth itself. We want every woman to have the choice of using water, no matter what birth she plans.

  • Non-Clients: $150 for 4-5 week rental
  • Consulting Clients: $120 for 4-5 week rental (this is the same as getting an hour of consulting and the pool for the non-client price)
  • Birth Contract Clients: $100 for 4-5 week rental